Visiting The South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center

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The natural world provides us with majesty and wonder – and also allows us to simply relax and throw off the everyday worries and cares that are so much a part of 21st-century life. However, not all of us can set aside the time for that extended camping trip – and even if we can that does not expose us to Mother Nature in all of her global glory.

We must trust specialists who have conservation at heart to bring nature to our doorstep – and that is what you will experience if you visit the South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center.

At this wonderful venue, one can spend a leisurely day exploring 182 acres of natural splendor. The everyday gardens and floral exhibits are only part of the experience. There are also many different types of landscapes to marvel at. The Samuel Jones Orchid Conservatory with 1800 square feet to explore is just one. That experience should be savored – but there is also the Anderson Bromeliad Conservatory and the seasonal Plumeria Garden. Not to mention the stunning Rose Garden and Rose Pavilion. The Hummingbird Garden is visually stunning and the Arid Garden is an education of just how tenacious the Floral Kingdom can be. The “Artscape” Sensory Garden is also a delight for all the senses.

But it is not only the plant life that makes a visit to this wonderful venue so exciting. There are also exhibits of reptiles and exotic parrots.

This venue provides not only educational opportunities but also the sheer fun of allowing visitors to experience the wonders of nature in a place that is part and parcel of the Oso Creek Greenbelt system. It is the perfect place for those who enjoy nature. Gardeners will find it a delight. However, it has much to offer those who enjoy hiking or simply wondering at the glory that is nature.

In short, this is a place that welcomes people to an experience that is part educational and part sheer fun. The sights and smells of growing things are the perfect antidotes for modern stress.

And while you are there visit the Joan Batman Nature’s Boutique for some wonderful gifts. They will remind you of an experience that will live in memory. It is one of those rare places that rewards simple contemplation of just how varied and wonderful our planet can be. Take some time off – and pay it a visit. Feel that stress drop away.

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