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Corpus Christi Medical Center is located near Corpus Christi day. It was a hospital with 465 beds and is part of the CHRISTUS Spohn Shoreline Hospital system. Originally starting in 1944, it has gone through many transitions. It has been acquired several times by other companies and health systems, leading to its current acquisition today. It was able to achieve level II trauma certification over a decade ago, allowing it to become a major trauma center. However, Christus Spohn Shoreline now fulfills this role, allowing it to provide independent healthcare, surpassing with the original Memorial Hospital was able to achieve. Today, this hospital is now known as the CHRISTUS Spohn Memorial Hospital. Here is a brief overview of how this hospital operates and how things have changed.

Reasons Changes To The Hospital

This Medical Center once offered emergency room services which were closed and transferred to Christus Spohn Shoreline. It now focuses upon behavioral health services instead. Part of their services include psychiatric evaluation services. Most of the services offered at this hospital have been transferred to CHRISTUS Spohn Shoreline Hospital.

Missions And Values Of The Hospital

The primary mission of this hospital is to provide proper care and improve human life for all that come through its doors. They strive to provide the highest possible medical services, as well as cost-effective treatments that will help the community. Part of their value system includes being able to treat everyone with kindness and compassion, as well as deliver their services with fairness and integrity. They strive to exceed all customer expectations, reward innovation, and to not be slowed down by local bureaucracies.

Our PATH And Closure Of Memorial Hospital

Once the introduction of Our PATH initiative was put in place, Spohn healthcare system began to reorganize the entire hospital administration. They have constructed new emergency departments and patient towers for clinical care. Part of that transition was making Spohn Shoreline the primary trauma center. Expansions continued, and subsequently only a 10 bed emergency department remained open. Since this transfer, and the subsequent damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, this iconic hospital is no longer providing healthcare as it once was.

Although most of the services once offered at this hospital are now part of CHRISTUS Spohn Shoreline Hospital, specifically the clinical service that it was once known for, it still has behavioral health services available. You will be able to take advantage of these services by visiting their hospital.

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