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It’s that time of the year again! It’s summer and you need cool air more that ever. It’s time to turn on your AC unit again and sit back on the couch and relax in the cool, fresh air. What if this scenario doesn’t happen though? What if you wait for that cool air and it never comes? This means that there is probably something wrong with your air conditioning unit. Your AC unit is not a magical machine and from time to time you need to change some parts in order to make sure that it functions properly. Many people get upset when something goes wrong and the first thing they tend to do is to kick it like an old TV set! Our advice is to calm down and think about possible solutions. If you rather have a professional like ourselves diagnose and fix the problem then call us immediately at (361) 808-4100 or click the button below!
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Easy solutions for the most common Corpus Christi AC problems

One of the parts that needs changing is your AC’s filter. It is very easy to this. These filters need changing once every 60 days because they become dirty. A dirty filter will make your energy bill grow a lot because your unit will tend to consume more energy. In order to change the filter you first have to stop your AC and then you need to identify where the filter is and just pull it out. Check the unit’s instructions manual if you want to make your job a lot easier.

Once you manage to pull out the filter you have to identify what type it is. There are filters that you can just clean with some water and then insert them back. On the other hand, there are some other filters that need to be replaced.

Another filter you need to check is the air filter. Check whether it needs to be cleaned or replaced. Don’t forget about this filter because you need to enjoy only fresh air in your home.

Another thing that can go wrong with your AC unit is that it may not start automatically. When this happens, your need to follow some simple instructions. First, you have to check the thermostat and see if it is set on the right temperature. If this is not the source of the problem, you need to see if a fuse is blown or if there is something wrong with your main panel box. Also check if the power switch is on and if your outside unit is on. If your unit still doesn’t work you have to call a specialist in the field that can help you.

If you have minor problems with your AC unit, you can try to fix it yourself, but keep in mind, they are far more complex than they look.

On the other hand, if you don’t know how to solve any of these issues, it is best to leave it to professional like us. We have a lot of knowledge about these units and we will be able to solve any problems you might encounter. We work on all residential and commercial air conditioning units and provide all forms of maintenance, repairs, and installations. Call us today at (361) 808-4100 or click the button below to call now!


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